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Ms. Williamson is an elite 26 yr. old mother, entrepreneur, influencer, author, investor and motivational speaker. Dariel has been in business since 2016 owning and operating a 6-figure erotic shop. In 2017 she started helping women start and expand their own businesses to retire from corporate America for free. Ms. Williamson is now the founder and CEO of an international business consulting firm Pretty Much A Boss. Servicing over 5,000 women internationally. Pursuing her career as a master business coach Ms. Williamson aims to inspire and educate millions of women through her company by teaching them business and becoming better women.

About Us

What is Pretty Much A Boss?

Pretty Much A Boss is an international business consulting firm providing well refined women with business startup packages, business revamps, high level marketing strategies, business coaching, business credit and business capital.

Our Mission

Our mission at Pretty Much A Boss is to

provide established businesswomen with professional business consulting

services assisting them with insight, information, heightening their business sales, self-development and recommendations to help them reach their goals and solve problems.Our knowledge and passion in the

business consulting industry will allow us to educate,

empower and build our refined clients into elect business women.

Why should you hire us?

Maybe you feel stuck right now? Don't know what to do next? Need help improving your brand visibility or business processing? Want to increase your sales? Need help with marketing? In need of a business coach to bring out that fire in you to get things done efficiently. I want to help you increase your sales and enhance your business savvy mindset by coaching you on how to step your game up with confidence. In addition to branding, systems, marketing, automations, confidence, customer service skills, knowledge and discipline you need a master business coach. Would you rather skip the trial-and-error stage? Want to gain repeated customers? Tired of posting content that doesn't turn your followers into dollars? Ms. Williamson is the mastermind of doing all the above. She wants to show you her high-level marketing strategies, how to build a 6-7 figure brand, how to add additional streams to your company, how to become elite and reach the next level in your business and personal life. Ms. Williamson is now offering exclusive access to help women build and revamp their business structure and self-development. Click the link to fill out a customer intake form to gain exclusive access before spots are filled.

What to expect?

Our clients can expect to be our top priority, and we aim to deliver quality and professional services. Our company's business tactics has been proven to be effective amongst our clientele. Get ready for a mindset shift and be pushed to higher limits in order to perform your best in your business and personal life. You will be working with Ms. Williamson 1 on 1, and our team will be conducting your brand build outs and or revamps. All clients can expect to receive a digital certification stating that they have completed the program.We also have a monthly group coaching membership available to clients who wish to stay connected with Ms. Williamson. For more information all clients will receive a separate email with an invite for a membership. All of our client's information is secured and protected. We do not share our clients' ideas, contact info and or personal information. Each client will be instructed to sign a contract agreement along with our company signature stating these terms and conditions.

Our Work


I revamped the logo of this credit repair company. Created a high-level marketing plan, implemented systems, automations and gave her profitable business ideas to produce multiple streams of income from her credit repair business.


J Couture Boutique

This boutique tasked me to revamp their brand for their ecommerce store. www.jcoutureboutiques.com

Queen Cleaning Company

Cleaning company hired me to build her entire business and coach her on how to run it efficiently. www.queencleaningcompany.info

"As a young woman Dariel is far beyond her years and definitely a great mother with plenty of talent. She has always kept a friendly yet professional demeanor when I have encountered her. She gave me tips with starting my business and created my logo. I attended her conference, and it was a breath of fresh air to hear her tell these young women that they can accomplish their goals and the Sky is not the limit just the tip of the iceberg. She is a real go getter. Keep your eyes on this one. Big things are in store."

Zataria Brown

Owner of Phoenix Massage spa

"I give this young lady and her business 5 ️ ️️️️, highly recommended! 1000/10! I was able to learn so much from our meetings/mentorship! I made $1500 during my first week of joining her class, and honestly I knew nothing about business, I just knew I needed to start!!. She provided me with valuable and vital information for my business. The business etiquette, marketing strategy and client interaction she taught was ON POINT! I honestly learned so much from the first two meetings, that every other meeting after that, I looked forward to her warm demeanor and inspiring conversation! I will invest again in the future! She is def someone you want in your circle, she will have you on that “PRETTY MUCH A BOSS” mindset in no time! Thanks so much Ms.Dariel!""

Mary Jane

Owner of pretty & travel

Having Dariel as a coach has been nothing short of amazing and life changing for me. The professionalism and advice that was given helped me to remove the fear of becoming a successful boutique owner. Along with the coaching included my business cards and website which gave my business the boost that was needed. The investment in Pretty much a Boss was necessary to take my business to the next level.

Jennifer Robinson

Owner of J Couture Boutique

I booked a consultation with Dariel, and it was nothing short of amazing. Dariel has a wealth of knowledge and experience and didn’t hesitate to pour into me and my vision. She was very thorough, attentive, and worked diligently with me to answer any and all questions I had as well as provided tips and resources. Not only was the service provided professional it was also very inspiring, I now have the push and motivation to love forward with my business endeavors. I appreciate her time and support she provides to the business community amazing work!

Syndey Maltino

Owner of Bestowed Cosmetics

Refund Policy

Customers has a 24 hr window period to request for a refund once payment is made..

After 24hrs refunds are non-prohibited.

If you are eligible for a payment plan half is due the day of and second payment is due 2 weeks after initial payment keep in mind if you choose this option services won't be rendered until payment is paid in full. In any event that you can't make your payment a refund will not be issued. A contract must be signed between the client and PMAB agreeing to the terms and conditions.


Can anyone sign up for PMAB? No. PMAB is only for women who makes a minimum $60k a year.

How long is the program? 4-6 weeks depending on client's business needs and performance.

Do PMAB offer services to individuals who don't need a package? No. Branding, coaching, business start ups, business funding, business credit etc is only offered to our members.

How long is the turnaround time for logos and website completion? 7-14 business days.

How many clients does PMAB accept a month? 10-20 clients per month. Once slots are filled registration is closed.

Once I make a payment how soon do we start services? Within 72 hrs. Unless client request a specific date that they want to start after they make payment.

Do PMAB accept payment plans or offer financing? Yes, we accept payment plans and offer financing for those who are eligible.

Do PMAB offer business startups to women who doesn't have a business? Yes, as long as they meet the requirements.

Do PMAB offer free consultations? There will only be a 15-30 min free consultation rendered to those who fill out the customer intake form and is eligble for the program.

Once I fill out the customer intake form then what happen's next? Someone from our team will go over your form and if you qualify you will be pulled off the waitlists and one of our agents will contact you by phone or email.

How soon do I need to pay once I am pulled off the waistlist and have my 15-30 min consultation? Within 24 hrs a payments needs to be made or your name and info will be removed from our system. To avoid that we recommend to not apply if you're not 100% ready.





4720 Salisbury Rd Jacksonville, FL 32256

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